10 Reasons Why

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10 Reasons Why

10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Maintenance Agreement With Oasis Plumbing & Mechanical

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment needs maintenance to run reliably and efficiently. Neglecting to maintain your equipment can end up costing you much more than the maintenance itself! We provide maintenance for any HVAC make and model for both residential and commercial customers.

1. Fewer Breakdowns - 90% of all equipment breakdowns have been attributed to lack of maintenance.

2. 15% Immediate Discount Savings - Maintenance can actually pay for the first several months of the membership cost.

3. Equipment Serviced on an Annual Basis - Factory recommendations specify a minimum annual service for your equipment.

4. Will Not Void Factory Warranty - Just like a car, if the equipment is serviced annually, the factory warranty will remain valid.

5. Automatic Reminders - No need to worry when the next appointment is due! We contact the customer when it is time to have the equipment serviced.

6. Safety - We understand that air conditioning and heating are not only a comfort issue. With the extreme heat and cold of the seasons, these issues can be a safety concern as well.

7. Experience - Oasis technicians are not only experienced and licensed in heating and air conditioning. They are also NATE Certified.

8. Priority Treatment - No matter how busy we are, you will have a 24-hour response time.

9. Lessen Pollutants in the Home - Oasis recommends having central air handling systems, including furnaces, flues, chimney inspected annually and promptly repair worn and cracked parts to lessen the pollutants in the home.